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Rubio, Santiago

PhD in Economics, University of Valencia
Full Professor
Department of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia

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Fields of interest:
Environmental Economics
Public Economics
Industrial Organization

Selected publications:

  • Sharing R&D Investments in Cleaner Technologies to Mitigate Climate Change (with A. El-Sayed), Resource and Energy Economics, 38, pp. 168-180, 2014
  • Can International Environmental Cooperation Be Bought? (with C. Fuentes-Albero), European Journal of Operational Research, 202, pp. 255-264, 2010
  • An Infinite-Horizon Model of Dynamic Membership of International Environmental Agreements (with A. Ulph), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 54, pp. 296-310, 2007
  • Self-Enforcing International Environmental Agreements Revisited (with A. Ulph), Oxford Economic Papers, 58, pp. 233-263, 2006
  • Strategic Pigouvian Taxation, Stock Externalities and Polluting Non-Renewable Resources (with L. Escriche), Journal of Public Economics, 79, pp. 297-313, 2001