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Boscá, José E.

PhD in Economics, University of Valencia
Associate Professor
Department of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia

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Phone number: +34 963828239
Skype: jose.e.bosca

Fields of interest:
Business cycles
Fiscal policies
Labour market

Selected publications:

  • Household Debt and Fiscal Multipliers (with J. Andrés, J. Ferri), Economica, Forthcoming., 2015
  • Fiscal Devaluations in EMU (with R. Doménech, J. Ferri), Hacienda Pública Española / Review of Public Economics, 206(3), pp. 27-56, 2013
  • Household Debt and Labor Market Fluctuations (with J. Andrés, J. Ferri), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 37(9), pp. 1771-1795, 2013
  • Search, Nash Bargaining and Rule of Thumb Consumers (with R. Doménech, J. Ferri), European Economic Review, 55, pp. 927-942, 2011
  • A Rational Expectations Model for Simulation and Policy Evaluation of the Spanish Economy (with A. Díaz, R. Doménech, J. Ferri, E. Pérez), SERIEs Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, 1, pp. 135-169, 2010