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Olcina, Gonzalo

PhD in Economics, University of Valencia
Associate Professor
Department of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia

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Fields of interest:
Game Theory
Behavioral Economics
Contract Theory

Selected publications:

  • Coordinated Punishment and the Evolution of Cooperation (with V. Calabuig), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2015
  • Cooperation and Cultural Transmission in a Coordination Game (with V. Calabuig), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 72, pp. 188-201, 2009
  • Bargaining with Commitment under an Uncertain Deadline (with V. Calabuig, A. Cunyat), International Game Theory Review, 4, pp. 525-532, 2006
  • Testing, Hold up and the Dynamics of Preferences (with C. Penyarrubia), Spanish Economic Review, 7-4, pp. 267-288, 2005
  • Gender Discrimination and Intergenerational Transmission of Preferences (with L. Escriche, R. Sanchez), Oxford Economic Papers, 56-3, pp. 485-512, 2004