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Urbano, María Amparo

PhD in Economics, University of Illinois
Full Professor
Department of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia

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Phone number: +34 96 3828207

Fields of interest:
Mathematical Economics and Networks
Game Theory and Economics of Information
Industrial Economics

Selected publications:

  • Entry and espionage with noisy signals (with A. Barrachina, Y. Tauman), Games and Economic Behavior, 83, pp. 127-146, 2014
  • Universal and pragmatic languages: An equilibrium approach (with P. Hernández, J. Vila), Games and Economic Behavior, 76 (2), pp. 738-752, 2012
  • Product Line Choice in Retail Duopoly (with R. Moner-Colonques, J.J. Sempere-Monerris), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 20 (3), pp. 777-802, 2011
  • Nash Equilibrium in a Model of Multiproduct Price Competition: An Assignment Problem (with I. Arribas), Journal of Mathematical Economics, 41 (3), pp. 351-385, 2005
  • Computationally Restricted Unmediated Talk under Incomplete Information (with J.E. Vila), Economic Theory, 23 (2), pp. 283-320, 2004