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Pérez, Pedro J.

PhD in Economics, University of Valencia
Associate Professor
Department of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia

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Fields of interest:
Business Cycle
Education Economics
Applied Econometrics

Selected publications:

  • Innovation at the workplace: Do professional competencies matter? (with L. Vila, V. Coll-Serrano), Journal of Business Research, 67, pp. 752-757, 2014
  • Higher education and the development of competencies for innovation in the workplace. (with L. Vila, F. G. Morillas), Management Decision, 50, pp. 1634-1648, 2012
  • Business Cycle Affiliations in the Context of European Integration (with D. Osborn, M. Sensier), Applied Economics, 39, pp. 199-214, 2007
  • The international business cycle in a changing world: volatility and the propagation of shocks in the G-7 (with D. Osborn, M. Artis), Open Economies Review, 17, pp. 255-279, 2006
  • Fuentes de variabilidad en las principales economías occidentales, Investigaciones Económicas, 27, pp. 565-591, 2003