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Andrés, Javier

PhD in Economics, Valencia
Full Professor
Department of Análisis Económico, University of Valencia

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Phone number: +34 963828246

Fields of interest:

Selected publications:

  • Banking competition, collateral constraints and optimal monetary policy (with O. Arce, C. Thomas), Journal of Money Credit and Banking, 45, pp. 87-125, 2013
  • Banking Competition, Housing Prices and Macroeconomic Stability (with O Arce), The Economic Journal, 122, pp. 1346–1372., 2012
  • Money in an Estimated Business Cycle Model of the Euro Area (with J.D. López-Salido, J. Vallés), The Economic Journal, 116, pp. 457--477, 2006
  • Automatic stabilizers, fiscal rules and macroeconomic stability (with R. Doménech), European Economic Review, 50, pp. 1487-1506, 2006
  • Sticky Price Models and the Natural Rate Hypothesis (with J.D. López-Salido, E. Nelson), Journal of Monetary Economics, 52, pp. 1052-1073, 2005