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Tamarit, Cecilio

PhD in Economics, Valencia
Full Professor
Department of Applied Economics II, University of Valencia

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Phone number: 963828349
Twitter: @cecilio31

Fields of interest:
International Economics
Economic Integration
Time Series

Selected publications:

  • The Relationship Between Debt Level And Fiscal Sustainability In Organization For Economic Cooperation And Development Countries (with M. Camarero, J.Ll. Carrión-i-Silvestre), Economic Inquiry, 53, pp. 129-149, 2015
  • Global imbalances and the Intertemporal External Budget Constraint: A multicointegration approach (with M. Ca, J.Ll. Carrión-i-Silvestre), Journal of Banking and Finance,, 37, pp. 5357-5372, 2013
  • Threshold cointegration and nonlinear adjustment between CO2 and income: The Environmental Kuznets Curve in Spain, 1857–2007 (with V. Esteve), Energy Economics, 34, pp. 2148-2156, 2012
  • Is the environmental performance of industrialized countries converging? A “SURE” approach to testing for convergence (with M. Camarero, A. Picazo-Tadeo), Ecological Economics, 66, pp. 653-661, 2008
  • Testing for hysteresis in unemployment in OECD countries. New evidence using stationarity panel tests with breaks (with M. Camarero, J.Ll. Carrión-i-Silvestre), Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 68, pp. 167-182, 2006