Faculty member profile

Sanchis Llopis, Amparo

PhD in Economics, University of London
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Economics II, University of Valencia

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Phone number: 96 382 38 48

Fields of interest:
Industrial Economics
Applied Econometrics

Selected publications:

  • Competitive pressure and innovation at the firm level (with P. Beneito, M. Coscollá, M.E. Rochina-Barrachina), Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming
  • The determinants of R&D persistence in SMEs (with J.A. Máñez, M.E. Rochina-Barrachina, J.A. Sanchis-Llopis), Small Business Economics, DOI, 2014
  • Patents, competition and firm’s innovation incentives (with P. Beneito, M.E. Rochina-Barrachina), Industry and innovation, 21(4), pp. 285-309, 2014
  • The role of sunk costs in the decision to invest in R&D (with J.A. Máñez, M.E. Rochina-Barrachina, J.A. Sanchis-Llopis), Journal of industrial Economics, 57, pp. 712-735, 2009