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Ferri, Javier

PhD in Economics, University of Valencia
Associate Professor
Department of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia

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Phone number: +34 963828695
Skype: javier.ferri.carreres

Fields of interest:
Business cycles
Fiscal policies
Labour market

Selected publications:

  • Household Debt and Fiscal Multipliers (with J. Andrés, J. E. Boscá), Economica, Accepted
  • Instruments, rules and household debt: the effects of fiscal policy (with J. Andres, J. E. Bosca), Oxford Economic Papers, Accepted
  • Household debt and labor market fluctuations (with J. Andrés, J. E. Boscá), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 37, pp. 1771-1795, 2013
  • Search, Nash Bargaining and Rule of Thumb Consumers (with J. E. Boscá, R. Doménech), European Economic Review, 55, pp. 927-942, 2011
  • Explaining UK wage inequality in the past globalization period (with Concepción Betrán, María A. Pons), Cliometrica, 4, pp. 19-50, 2010