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Sanchis Llopis, Juan Alberto

PhD in Economics, University College London
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Economics II - ERICES, University of Valencia

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Phone number: 96 3828350

Fields of interest:
Industrial Organization
Applied Econometrics
Individual behavior

Selected publications:

  • The dynamic linkages between exports, R&D and productivity (with J A Mañez, M E Rochina-Barrachina), The World Economy, 2014
  • Financial constraints and R&D and exporting strategies for Spanish manufacturing firms (with J A Mañez, M E Rochina-Barrachina, O Vicente-Chirivella), Industrial and Corporate Change, 2014
  • Total factor productivity, domestic knowledge accumulation and international knowledge spillovers in the second half of the 20th century (with A Cubel, V Esteve, M T Sanchis-Llopis), Cliometrica, 2014
  • The determinants of R&D persistence in R&D (with J A Mañez, M E Rochina-Barrachina, A Sanchis-Llopis), Small Business Economics, 2014
  • Reconsidering learning by exporting (with J A Mañez, M E Rochina-Barrachina), Review of World Economics, 149, pp. 5-12, 2013